Soul Alignment Coaching

Do you sometimes feel at a loss on how to move forward on a particular issue in your life? Have you tried therapy and just can’t seem to find the right support from that? Maybe you’re needing a different type of guidance and looking to develop new skills set to help you thrive in life.  Do you want to understand how cultural and generational trauma live in you and want to heal the wounds of your past?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I am here and available to hold space in your process of discovering and living your inherent rights to be, to belong and to become. Imagine having someone who can help you clarify why things are and can support you get unstuck. Wouldn’t that be great? Yes, you deserve it and you’re worth it. Heartfelt and loving connection is available to you now.

Want to learn more about Regenerative ReSourcing, a way of being in the world where you get to discern the next right action from the light of your Soul and your values become the core driver of your life? Schedule a consultation with me and come up with an action plan to live from the highest possibilities of your heart’s desires. Let your life bloom and flourish from the sacredness of who you are.

Remember, you are loved, you are seen and you are worthy. Be inspired by the light within you!   

“I met Marnelle in 2008 and can confidently say that we’ve witnessed each other through significant life events. From managing her own business to pursuing expanded education, running a cornerstone organization to supporting others power through life changes, she has played a critical role in the development and enlightenment of so many.

Marnelle gifted me many times with sound advice to help me move from fear to curiosity, exhaustion to renewal, whether it be through life coaching, body work, and spiritual guidance. Most importantly, she has modeled through her own example, what it means to brave through the uncertainties of life with the foundational securities of faith, connectedness, and wisdom within.

By working with Marnelle, anyone is sure to walk away feeling empowered and guided on more than a singular dimension of approach. You’ll understand that it’s the integration of education, spiritual development, and physical well-being that can power you through any challenge in money, love, career, and life.”